It has made a tremendous difference in my health and I tell everyone. I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit.

– Velma Weselosky

December 2018

I joined Openspace Pilates a couple of years ago as I heard good things about this studio. I have had the opportunity to work with a few of their instructors and they all have unique techniques they bring to my sessions. I am currently working with Sapan to prepare my self, back and core muscles in preparation for upcoming spinal surgery. Although we are concentrating on my back, I still get a total body workout. On some days when I arrive at the studio quite fatigued, I always leave feeling rejuvenated and stronger. I would highly recommend this discipline for anyone but especially for anybody needing rehabilitative work, as they will likely recover much quicker and with better strength. This works your whole body not just the injured part of you. In ending Pilates can change your outlook on health and it becomes a life style, at least it has for me and my daughter.

- Linda Filanti

Pilates has changed my life encouraging me to age gracefully and  still take responsibility for my body - it's flexibility and strength.

– Linda Gordon 

I have been doing Pilates for nearly a year with Cari as my instructor. I can't believe how much better I feel, both mentally and physically.

– Beverly Doiron

Living with scoliosis was filled with pain and instability. Because of Pilates, my back is much stronger, especially on the weak side. I can feel the difference in my movements and my husband says that he can physically see a difference in my back! I rarely have any pain now and feel strong and confident.

– Heather Stahl

When I came to Openspace Pilates for the first time it was unlike anything I had ever done before. It's always a full body workout and challenging, but the workouts also seem so gentle on the body compared to running or lifting weights. The instructors are also fantastic! They are very knowledgeable . The sessions have 3 people in them, which is a bonus because you receive a lot of care and attention from the instructors. I always leave the classes feeling free of tension and energized.

– Jessica Caulderon