Owner/Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
(All levels of mat, reformer, trapeze table, chair, and barrels)

At her desk job by day, Cari understands the toll office work can take on the body. Suffering from hip and back pain for over a decade, she eventually began training with Openspace Pilates and within a few months had a 95% reduction in pain. She also used a combination of Pilates and physical therapy to successfully heal a shoulder injury. Inspired to share the benefits of Pilates that she experienced with others, Cari completed her comprehensive teacher training program in 2014.

In the studio Cari loves helping people improve posture and find muscles they didn't know existed. She plays volleyball, golfs, and keeps us all laughing.

Sapan Grover

Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
(All levels of mat, reformer, trapeze table, chair, and barrels)

Sapan is our breath expert on staff. Once a Respiratory Therapist working in the ER and ICU, she has a strong anatomy background and is happy to work with breath once again, this time through Pilates. She loves how the breath can completely transform a workout, creating flow and concentration, taking us deeper into the benefits Pilates has to offer.

As a mother of four, Sapan brings Pilates into her family's weekly schedule to keep everyone healthy and to help her children cross-train for martial arts and football. Sapan has a passion for continuing education, and is always looking for new ways to help her students prevent injury and integrate Pilates into daily life. She is experienced teaching all types of classes, from rehabilitation to her special triple espresso kick butt workouts, and is known for her calm and supportive teaching style.


Colbi Reynolds

Marketing & Advertising

 You will see Colbi on the reformer or in the office, keeping Openspace organized and still getting her Pilates session in. She is enrolled in the Visual Communications program at Medicine Hat College and works part time as a Graphic Designer.