How the type of car you drive can be killing your posture

Today I went car shopping.

Test driving a 2010 crossover SUV I was shocked to find that the headrest pushed my head into a 3 inch forward displacement. I adjusted it and still couldn't find a reasonable neck alignment. Then I realized that the seat was built for HYPERKYPHOSIS, commonly known in Pilates as Kyphotic posture, and in the word as 'hunched over' The seat back scooped back to allow for an exaggerated curve of the thoracic spine and the head rest pushed way forward to support a well over extended cervical spine (like in Spine #2 in the picture below).

I know not all cars are perfect, but I was mind blown that the engineers who design cars are building seats that encourage this common postural pattern of our modern world AND NOT LEAVING ROOM FOR OUR BODIES TO MAKE OTHER CHOICES. 

So next time you are in your car, or buying a car, notice how much the seat invites you to cave your chest in, or press your head forward more than you normally would. Notice if the car allows you to change your posture without great effort, or needing props like pillows and wedges. 

Your investment in your car is also an investment in your body!